Joe Schwartz has been around the outdoor industry and back again, developing a unique perspective through his multi-faceted background. A professional mountain bike athlete for over 
a decade, Joe worked with many brands as an ambassador, product developer and marketing consultant. He’s traveled the world with his bike, riding in far flung locales for photo shoots, editorial development and competitions such as the Red Bull Rampage, which he competed in three times.

Shifting gears, he stepped out of the limelight and pursued Business School, with a Marketing Communications focus. He has combined this education with his action sports background as a Brand Manager for Ryders Eyewear, and developed marketing initiatives and operations logistics for fledgling start-up Velofix. On the agency side, Joe interned with TAXI in accounts and strategy, working closely with major client Telus, and on new business development. Joe has also worked as a marketing consultant in the adventure tourism and not-for-profit sectors.

Joe is also a fully-certified ACMG backcountry Ski Guide. He is available to guide private ski touring adventures and education-based objectives, in the Coast Range, Interior Mountains of BC, and the Rocky Mountains.

Joe's past life as a Red Bull Rampage competitor.

Joe’s past life as a Red Bull Rampage competitor.


The winter office.


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