I have a video on YouTube. Lots of people have watched it. So one day I get an email from YouTube asking me if I would like to “Revenue Share”.

What is this exactly? Well, YouTube offers users with viral videos the chance to revenue share by placing ads on their videos. I was intrigued, and applied to the program, more for a marketing experiment than to actually make a buck (because that is all I would have probably made).

The program is simple. You need to be a YouTube user with popular videos. They don’t need to be Lady Gaga popular, a few thousand views per video is enough to apply. The main criterion is that you need to own global rights to all the content in the video. That means the music too. This is where I was denied, as I do not own the rights to the music featured in my video.

If you do post videos with all-original content, check out the YouTube Partner Program. I think ads on YouTube videos are fairly well accepted by users these days, as they are easy to minimize and are not excessively in-your-face and annoying. And, if you have some popular videos, it could be a decent revenue stream, or at least some monthly beer money.
In the end I did make some money on my video, which is a funny story unto itself. Read more at “Big in Japan”.

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