Adventure means different things to different people. This website will strive to portray these varying interpretations of adventure through words, videos, and photos. A perfect, muddy ride on Vancouver’s North Shore, an epic powder day in the Selkirk Mountains, an exciting new business venture or innovative way of communicating with people, a sunrise over the stark Bolivian Andes, or even just the daily commute to school; these are all experiences that have the potential to shift our point of view, to thrill us, to remind us that everything and everywhere is worth exploring.

As a professional athlete I have had the opportunity to travel to many corners of the globe with some extraordinary people and my trusty mountain bike. These trips have provided me with new perspectives on life and allowed me to document adventures that I wish to share with you here. In addition, living and working in the amazing province of BC I believe further qualifies a person to speak of exploration and good times of all sorts. Some of the content that I have posted so far is from the Kona Regular Joe archives, but in the future you can expect new stories and videos from me.

The journey continues.

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