Your breath sharply taken away as you dive into the alpine pool, ringed on all sides by the remaining winter’s snowpack, ensuring the temperature in the water remains just above freezing. The crystal clear water reflects the azure sky, streaked with high altitude clouds. As you submerge into glacial bliss, the last three hours of granny gear, heat-of-the-day climbing melts off your muscles, along with the built-up lactic acid.  A faint memory now, the grueling climb out of the valley is remembered in snapshots of steep, unrelenting gravel road and double track, all under the baking sun of what is so far the hottest day of the year.
These flashbacks become hazier as your present moment is frozen in perfect clarity: the rebirth of your tired body in this utterly cleansing alpine tarn. The views, happy conversation with your fellow riders, and the anticipation of the descent ahead all combine to create a “perfect moment”.
Back on the bikes, re-energized and refreshed, the descent begins. Plummeting into the valley on a rarely-traveled singletrack, hooting and hollering echoing above and below, everyone elevates into their own “moment” as the epic ride flows on.

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