This past fall I received a curious email from a Japanese fellow, claiming to be a TV producer for a show in Japan. He was looking for wacky YouTube clips for the program, and had come across one of my bike videos on the Interweb. The email was reminiscent of one of those Nigerian prince schemes, and I was quite dubious.

My interest was piqued, however, and I went to the website. It seemed legit, and the clincher was the fact that they represent the World’s Smallest Girl. A fact so random that I decided they must be for real, and I sent along my payment information and the raw footage.

Turns out they were great to deal with and I was paid quickly. While the small stipend was nice, the highlight was receiving the DVD of the finished product in the mail.

When I think of Japanese TV, I think of Iron Chef and Most Extreme Elimination, wacky shows that have to be the exception, even in Japan. I did not expect my footage to turn up in a show that rivaled those in cheese levels, so when I popped the DVD in and witnessed Bolivian mountain bike footage nestled in amongst loud animations, horrible techno and hilarious crowd reactions, I was beyond happy.

I hope you agree, mountain biking has finally made the big time in Japan.

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2 Responses to Big in Japan!

  1. They seemed more excited than Rene Wildhaber.